Have you made money, bought property, or had some kind of success because of my books or program(s)?
Can you provide proof of that success?
Are you willing to share your story on a web site like this and/or on National TV?

If you answered yes to the questions above...then enter your name and email address in the spaces below. Once you do that, I'll immediately take you to a page that gives simple instructions on entering to win a day with me and more importantly - a Dream Vacation!

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Greetings to all my students and readers,

I would love to send you on the vacation of a lifetime and even partner with you on a real estate deal... if you are willing to tell me your true story of success!

How does it work?

Just watch my 2 minute video below for a quick explanation, then you can read the history of my "Stories of Success" contest under the video.

Click the arrow looking button in the video below to watch an important message from Dean!

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How It All Began

In August of 2007 I held the first ever contest for members of what I call my "success team" - these were regular men and women who just happened to also be students in what is now known as Dean's Real Estate Success Academy, (a mentoring program where you work with my expert investment instructors and coaches to learn and take action with my investing techniques).

At the time, there were only 30 contestants and each was asked to submit a video story of their success. We even sent them a special video camera to use when making their video.

The entries came pouring in, and eventually we narrowed them down to the top four.

The winner ended up being a student named Matt Larson. Matt is an everyday, down to earth, guy and his winning video wasn't any mega-production. He simply talked about what he did and shows us proof. He won a killer trip for sending in this video and you can see that it isn't fancy or complicated!

Click on the video below to see a condensed version of Matt's winning video.
(Matt sent us 30 minutes of video and our editing team cleaned it up and made it flow. So you can make all kinds of mistakes and still win. Your message just needs to be clear, true and you should have fun doing it... ).

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Can You Make A Simple Honest Video of Your Results?

Well if you can, you could very well be our next winner.

Sure, you're story is different, but Matt didn't do anything you couldn't do. Nowadays, Matt has done dozens and dozens of deals and has thousands of dollars in positive cash flow each month. (Yep! He's even hit well over the millionaire mark in net worth).

Dean had planned to award Matt a week at a great ski lodge in Utah, but Matt didn't want to go skiing, he wanted to come out where Dean lives.

That's right. Matt and a friend flew first class to Phoenix Arizona. We picked them up in a sleek stretch limo they were chauffeured in style to one of the snazziest hotels in town.

Now What In The World Is There To Do In Arizona?

A lot my friend. One of the greatest natural wonders of the world is right here. With its powerful and inspiring landscape, 277 miles of river, this is a place that overwhelms your senses with its immense size and breathtaking beauty. (I'm referring of course to the Grand Canyon).

Not only did Matt visit this spectacular National Park, he even took a private plane tour over the magnificent canyon, and even took in some of the great Arizona trout and bass fishing.

Then of course Dean made sure Matt got a limo ride to have dinner with him at Scottsdale's Ocean Club Fish House, where both Dean and Matt feasted on some of the most succulent lobster, crab, oysters, (and even steak) this side of the Pacific.

A Million Dollar Dinner?

At dinner, Matt got to meet and spend time with Dean. What happened next is pretty cool and is a big part of what made Dean repeat this contest. Since Matt had some deals under his belt; Dean decided to partner with him. Dean would put up some investment capitol and Matt would do the footwork to find the deals! Now remember, Matt was already doing good on his own, he didn't need Dean to partner with him to continue succeeding.

However, with Dean's backing, Matt was able to move with lightning speed and close even more deals than he would have without Dean.

So what all did Matt get by sending us his simple video:

  • Matt and his guest were flown first class to Phoenix , AZ.
  • Dean put them up in a killer hotel for 5 nights.
  • They visited the Grand Canyon and had a private plane fly them over it.
  • They went on a fishing expedition at the location of their choice in AZ.
  • They had Dinner at a great Restaurant.
  • Dean partnered up with Matt to do future deals, Dean's cash - Matt's new-found talent.
  • Dean paid for the trip and Matt did exactly what he wanted to do PLUS - got much more...

Pretty great benefits for simply sharing his story wouldn't you say?

Dean didn't plan on it, but choosing just one winner was so difficult that he decided to give the other three finalists a great prize too.

Take a look at these shortened versions of the other finalist's videos:

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So that looks pretty simple right? There's no fancy filming... no special lighting... just real people telling their story.

This contest was a big hit with the small group of folks Dean invited to participate. Everyone was excited to participate and enjoyed it so much that Dean decided - - he needed to do it again!

So... We Opened It Up To Every Dean Graziosi Student!

That's right. Instead of just inviting a handful of Success Academy students... Dean opened it up to everyone.

All you have to do to enter is be able to say YES to the conditions in our Contest Qualification Form at the top right of this page. Why not request an entry packet today? Who knows...you could be Dean's next big winner.

In 2008, we had even more successful students enter the contest. It was hard to choose, so we started asking our students to vote along with us.

The winner for 2008 was a young couple named Chip and Andrea Weule, from Colorado. They made $118,000 in less than a year!

Here is their winning entry video.

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To date, Chip and Andrea have done over 10 deals and created close to, if not over, a million dollars in net worth! They both came to our EDGE seminar in 2009 as guest speakers to share how they did it.

The Competition Got Even Stiffer...

Looking back, it's easy to see why the competition for the next contest was even tougher. The summer of 2009 was the first year we held our "Gain the EDGE" live training event, over one-hundred people came to learn directly from Dean, our Academy instructors and our top students.

The attendees of that seminar went home and got to work. Hundreds of other students who could not come, invested in the "at home" version of the event, captured on DVD and they got busy.

The videos people submitted were more creative showed really terrific deals and people were making great money. But the winner that year was not the person who earned the most or did the most amazing deal. It was a person who overcame the most unbelievable obstacles to succeed.

With her husband's business tanking, 7 kids to take care of and facing foreclosure, Carol Stinson spent her last $30 on Dean's book and changed her life.

Here is Carol's winning entry video.

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Carol saved her house, changed her life and like all the winners of the contest, gets to do an investment deal with Dean

While Carol Was Being Crowned Winner #3
Winner #4 Was Seeing Dean's Show For The First Time

We say it all the time, you could be our next success story, and that is exactly what happened here.

In February of 2009, right around the time we announced Carol as our third winner, John Wakefield was sitting home watching TV, depressed over how bad his business had gotten.

Living in Detroit, one of the most economically depressed cities in America, John got a tiny glimmer of hope as he watched Dean talk, that maybe he could do this too.

Well, did he ever do it! He got the book, joined the Success Academy and in just months he was able to profit over $300,000 and turn his whole life around.

Here is John's winning entry video.

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I just can't imagine watching these videos and not being inspired. So are you inspired? If so...

You Can Be Our Next Winner!

Seriously, why not you?

None of these people are so unique that you can't do the same or better!

All you have to do to enter is be able to say YES to the conditions in our Contest Qualification Form at the top right of this page. So, why not request an entry packet today?

Somebody is going to win next year and who knows...you could be the one.

So go for it. Do you have what it takes to be Dean's next big winner?

We Why not request an entry packet today? Who knows...you could be Dean's next big winner. Click here to find out more: Contest Qualification Form

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